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In the glorious robot Workers’ paradise, there Will be no liquor! Only efficient synthetic fuels! No liquor? Do svidaniya, comrade! Hurry, Bender! Get the bra! Okay, fan. Just hold still and let me grab. Death to all humans! Free soda for all humans! Mmm. I love you, Mom. Let’s grow ancient together. Way to go, professor. The plan worked! Plan? What plan? I thought this was a spontaneous whirlwind of hot, dry sex! It started out as a plot to rummage through your underwear.

While they tow us, you wanna do it? Which concludes the summary Any old business? Any new business? Anyone sleep together? Kind of. One thing led to another. It led there again when we got home. You snagged the perfect girlfriend. Amy’s rich, she’s probably got other characteristics. Bender, romance isn’t about money. It’s coincidence that Zoidberg is desperately poor and miserably lonely? For your information, They go together like a lime and a coconut. Do I hear wedding bells? Really? Oh, dear.

But, sir, children watch this show. Bender’s no role model. He’s a filthmonger. At our network, we love filth. Filthy rich, that is. Being filthy rich, that is. Bite my shiny metal asscould be a catchphrase. Eighty percent likely. It will play in Peoria. Game shows are back! We need this edgy, sweeps-ready robot on our network! Bender, can you continue to drink, smoke and steal things on TV? Yes, I can. TINY TIM-Yeah, shooting! All right! I jacked from my dad.

Am I the only one who thinks this is all a sham? This isn’t heaven. and makes us immortal, which I find suspicious. Allow me to explain. Centuries ago, I sent an image of myself into the minds of your artists. The heavenly clouds they painted depict a vapor I exude. I wish I exuded anything Then what about these angels? Some kind of Scooby Doo-esque flashlight projection? those are mindless jakabirds. They keep my surface free of parasitic larvae. You didn’t like Country Bear Jamboree either, Leela.

But not for long! Oh! That hurt! The downgrade is complete! Behold my handcrafted purity. The modern world can bite my splintery wooden ass! Welcome to your new life of simple tranquility. Forget that! I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways! By force! We’re going back to civilization… to wage war on technology! Row, comrades, row! We’ll stage an attack on technology… worthy of being chronicled in an anthem by Rush. We’ve been sailing for three weeks.